Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Coffee Time in Monolog Coffee

After I had lunch in Xi Men Ding with Vina, Agus, and Octa, we continue our chitchat with hangout coffee shop. Usually we don't double thinking to go to Starbucks. But in this time, we decide to have coffee time in Monolog Coffee. Xi Men Ding is located in Senayan City, so we have to across to reach Monolog Coffee which is located in Plaza Senayan.

This is not my first time visited Monolog Coffee but I usually take away their macaron. When I checked out their menu I really curious what I want to order, until I read the menu and they have ice chocolate nutela also I checked out their danish, it looks so tempting. So I ordered ice chocolate nutela and to accompany my ice chocolate I ordered cheese danish.

Hot Cappucino

Agustina hot capucinno was suprised me, because the size cup is so small. I thought it will be regular size like I usually order in other coffee shop. even its small, but it taste great.  

Ice Chocolate Nutella 

My ice chocolate nutela is not too bad, but not to special too, Nutela in my ice chocolate is not strong, but mostly i taste the chocolate is more dominant than the nutela.

Cheese Danish 

Long time ago, I craved their cheese danish. It looks really tempting. I don't really like danish but I don't mind to tried their glorious shinny cheese danish from Monolog Coffee. Cheese danish is crunchy. The cheese custard is so cheesy and yummy i really love it, even it is cheese danish, but i also taste sweet from the cheese danish, because they coat they cheese danish with syrup so it looks shine.

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Plaza Senayan Palm Gate Enterace 101 B
Tel : 021 5725 144


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