Monday, 8 October 2012

Xi Men Ding : Taiwan Cuisine

Last month with my girls, I went to Senayan City to hangout after long time cannot hangout with full team. When I hangout to Senayan City it was lunch time, and I was wondering what will we have for lunch, I step my foot to level 4 and found Xi Meng Ding as new chinesse restaurant who has the same management with Pancious. So we decided to have our lunch in Xi Meng Ding. 

Xi Meng Ding looks like the other Chinese restaurant who has many table for seated. Usually Chinese restaurant is a boring restaurant who has round table and they have an old style cuisine which is not cool enough to eat to Chinese restaurant with ur friends, but Xi Men Ding cracks that myth. Xi Men Ding has nice interior with the round lantern looks like in above and it looks modern Chinese restaurant. Btw, Xi Men Ding is Taiwan cuisine and Taiwan is more modern than China or Hongkong. So here's what we ordered. 

Lion Head Meatball Rp.42,000,-

It names Lion Head Meatball. It is a large meatball, it writes as an appetiser so it looks not enough if you sharing with your family. But I came with my girls, so we divided this ball to 4 pieces. Lion Meat Balls is nice, and the soup is great. 

San Bei Tofu Rp.38,000,-

It names San Bei Tofu, it is fried tofu mix with their special sauce and vegetable. It is quite tasteless and not really special. Beside San Bei Tofu, Xi Men Ding has another San Bei dish which is cooked with chicken. In their menu, San Bei Tofu becoming their signature dish but I don't think it is really worth to be their signature dish. 

Chicken Sweet Sour Rp.42,000,-

It names Chicken Sweet Sour, it is general dish which is available in another Chinese restaurant. In my opinion this Chicken Sweet Sour is not really special, maybe the seasoning is not right, I need more seasoning and I feel like I ate in Singapore which is most of their dish is tasteless. 

Beside their unsatisfied dish, Xi Men Ding has their milk tea and some of people who eat here ordered milk tea in their table so I ordered milk tea too for me and my girls. They have many topping for milk tea, such as pearl, grass jelly, mango pop boba, lyche pop boba, egg pudding, coffee jelly.

Peach Green Tea with Mango Pop Boba Rp. 26,000,-
Milk Tea with Lychee Pop Boba Rp. 26,000,-

Me with Vina and Agustina ordered lychee pop boba milk tea and Octa ordered peach green tea. I love their milk tea, the tea flavour is strong and they have exact sweet level, and the peach green tea is fresh and nice. I love their bubble.

For all, in my opinion, I don't really like they dish, but the bubble tea is nice, maybe I could be back for tried another bubble tea flavour. 

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Xi Men Ding : Taiwan Cuisine
Senayan City 4th Flooe, Unit #80
Jl. Asia Afrika Lot 19


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