Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Limkie Kopitiam

Located in strategic location, Veteran Street 3 has many restaurant like Ragusa, Dapoer Babah, and many more. Even located in strategic location, to reach Limkie Kopitiam you have little bit effort to turn around from Veteran Street 3, it is because Veteran street 1 is one way street. But, your effort to reach them will be paid of after you taste their food. 

The interior of Limkie Kopitiam looks simple, they have three area which is use wood round table and round chair, which usually use among Betawi culture then for casual dining, they have many wood tables and chairs. They also has VIP room, it use to be special event like office gathering or the other private event which is need separation from another visitor. 

The culinary highlights in Limkie Kopitiam are Asian Food such as Fried Chicken Limkie is Limkie signature dish, Chicken Porridge and Chicken Noodle as breakfast menu and many more. They also offer signature drink that must have as Kopitiam is Teh Tarik and Kopi Tarik. 

For this visit, I tried their signature dish, fried rice and their menu package. For drink, I tried their signature drink Ice Teh Tarik. For signature dish that I tried is Fried Chicken Limkie. For the fried rice, my sister ordered Vegtarian Fried Rice and for the menu package my mom ordered Fish ala Thai with Rice.

Ice Teh Tarik. It taste really great, the tea flavour is strong and the sweet of condensed milk has exact combination. I love it.

Vegetarian Fried Rice Rp. 18,000,-

This is not should be vegetarian fried rice looks like, she ordered without any vegetable and she doesn't like soy sauce. So vegetarian rice comes so plain, only egg and rice. Even looks simple, plain and not interested, but it taste really good. They season well, the rice is great, I love it the simplicity of this not vegetarian fried rice looks like.

Fish ala Thai with Rice Rp. 25,000,-

Fish ala Thai with Rice comes with fried fish topped with thai sauce. Thai sauce is really fresh they served with fresh mango and spicy chili. Even it is spicy and I don't like spicy but I willing to eat again and again.

Fried Chicken Limkie Rp. 25,000,-

Fried Chicken Limkie, the presentation is looks bad, but not the taste. The chicken is marinated well, the seasoning soak inside, even it is simple dish, I love how they seasoning. It is great when you combine with hot rice and you don't need any condiments to accompany this chicken.

For all, beside their simplicity of their dish, the flavour comes really rich and bold. I wish I could back to try another dish, maybe I have to try their snack acoompany with Teh Tarik. 

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Limkie Kopitiam
Jalan Veteran 1 No. 35
Harmoni, Jakarta Pusat
Tel : (021) 351091112

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