Monday, 1 October 2012

Green Tea KitKat

Green Tea Kit Kat is one of the most wanted Kit Kat in the world, it is because Green Tea Kit Kat is only available in Japan, so luckily me my friends from Japan want to brought this Green Tea to me, so I am so happy could taste it. I love green tea so much, so I wish this Green Tea Kit Kat will be awesome, so here's Green Tea Kit Kat taste. 

There are two size of Green Tea Kit Kat, but my friends brought me the small one, coz the found this Kit Kat in mini market near their university. Beside Green Tea Kit Kat there are many unique Kit Kat flavour available in Japan, such as Dark Chocolate Kit Kat, Strawberry Shortcake Kit Kat, Choco Banana and many more. I asked my friends to brought them too, but unfortunately she didn't find them, so I only taste the Green Tea Kit Kat.

Green Tea Kit Kat even looks same like Chocolate Kit Kat which is available in Jakarta to but it taste different. The wafer is so crunchy and more crispy than Kit Kat here, the green tea flavour is strong, so for green tea lover, maybe you have to tried this great Green Tea Kit Kat. 

In Japan, Green Tea Kit Kat isn't find easily, so for the easy way to buy this Green Tea Kit Kat, you could buy in Duty Free Shop in Narita Airport or another city. 

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