Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Marché Restaurant in Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall

Tight competition in restaurant industry, make restaurant try to offer something innovative and unique to beat the rivals. Not only the quality of dish and service but also the experience they create to make us interested to try it. So, to make us interested with the unique concept of Marché Restaurant. they offered  Swiss experience with an Italian flair from the Ticino region in southern Switzerland.

Last sunday, with Vina and Agustina I went to Marché craving for their signature dish Rösti. I'm kinda miss it and I tried to make it at home, but it's fail. So prefer to not tried to cook Rösti again and come to Marché. 

Marché has two area, outdoor and indoor. Outdoor area looks comfy with natural wood tables and chairs. But I still prefer to enjoy my dining experience in indoor area. 

Indoor area Marché looks nicer than the outdoor, you could spend your time here, not only for dining but also for hangout, chit chat, or maybe for take some photo. They have cute interior, dominant with bold wood colour and many Swiss ornament, like unfinished brick wall. It feels like I am dining in Swiss not in Jakarta.

The culinary highlights in Marché  are aside from typical Swiss specialities, such as the traditional Swiss Rösti, home-made sausages as well as traditional Italian dishes, hand-made pasta, fresh seafood grilled on wood-burning grills and pizza from the stone oven. It looks really tempting, but I went here for fulfill my craving of Rösti I order Rösti as my dish.

Hot Tea Passionate Tea Rp. 19,500,-
Beside Rösti I ordered Hot Tea to warm up my tummy. I choose Hot Tea Passionate Tea. Even looks like another tea but this passionate tea is really got. I don't put any sugar or honey on it, only one slice of lemon, it is so fresh passionate tea and really make my tummy comfort.

Small Soup Rp. 28,000,-

This Soup is Agustina dish. She didn't want to eat something heavy, so she ate soup. It is small portion, coz if you want bigger size they available for medium and large size as well. I don't try this soup but she said it is great. She put some cheese parmesan on top, the cheese melted and makes this soup nicer.  Accompany mushroom and bread as condiment.

Rosti with Egg and Bacon Rp. 57,000,-

Me and Vina have the same dish. We ordered Rösti with Egg and Bacon. I wish that my Rösti Egg and Bacon will be based by Rösti stack with sunny egg and bacon, but the reality my Rösti with Egg and Bacon comes with this. I am little bit dissapointed, I wish I could enjoy the egg yolk on my rosti but it is not. Rösti looks perfect, but not the taste. Rösti should be crispy outside and inside, but not with my dish. My Rösti crispy outside and really soggy inside. I don't really like my Rösti and it makes me nausea. The last time I ate in Marché Restaurant in Plaza Senayan, they have better Rösti than in Grand Indonesia. I wish they really maintain the quality of food.

For all, I don't really satisfied with Marché Restaurant in Grand Indonesia, I prefer Marché Restaurant in Plaza Senayan. I still remember last time I ate in Marché Restaurant in Plaza Senayan, they have better Rösti than in Grand Indonesia. I wish they really maintain the quality of food. So maybe I better visit in Marché Restaurant in Plaza Senayan

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Marché Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
Entertainment Distrikt 3A#03A-D, 
Jln. MH. Thamrin 1
West Mall- besides Musical fountain
Jakarta 10310
Tel: +6221 23 58 11 26/-27

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