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Sparkling Sunday Brunch in Alcoholic Bar Kemang

Kemang are famous as area who has many cafe, lounge and bar in South Jakarta. From Indonesian Food, Asian Food, until Western Food are available here. Among Kemang area, there is restaurant named Alcoholics Bar who has motto "The Only Place Where You Can EAT Alcohol". All food here served with alcohol, but don't worry you won't get high when you visited them.

Last sunday, I was invited by the Owner of Alcoholic Bar to had Sparkling Sunday Brunch there. They launched their new promo Sparkling Sunday Brunch you will get 3 course continental menu and all you can drink sparkling only Rp. 250,000,- ++ ,Wine and Dine every Wednesday only Rp. 200,000,- ++ refillable food and drink and Happy Hour Martini Cocktail 2 For 1 from 4pm until 8pm. 

So here's what I have in the Sparkling Sunday Brunch

Alcoholics Bar have two floors. In the 1st floor, they have bar in the right side and long sofa in the left side. In the back side of first floor they use to be their kitchen. When if you go upstairs you could pick a boo, their kitchen from the stairs.

2nd floor has more space than 1st floor. In the 2nd floor they have many sofa in the right side, long table and casual tables in the centre and high chair in the left side. In one side of the wall, they have many painting about alcohol. Beside that, to improve the ambient they also has DJ plays to accompany you while enjoy the food and drink.

We were greeted with sparkling champagne. They have 2 sparkling champagne variants. One is the normal sparkling champagne from Italy and the others is strawberry sparkling champagne from Chile. They are not use local champagne, because they said it doesn't taste great. I choose the strawberry sparkling champagne and it taste great.

Strawberry Sparkling Champagne
Before we cheers, I've got the chance to capture the man who pour the champagne to my class, so lovely to look the champagne bubble in my glass. 

Green Peas Cream Soup with Diced Pork Rp.38,000,-

For the appetiser, we've got Green Peas Cream Soup with Diced Pork. It is so lovely green colour and it presented nicely. The green peas is so rich as the main ingredients here, but the texture is not smooth as I thought. It is sandy and I think it is not creamy. Beside that the diced pork is really good and the bread is great.

Foccacia with Cointreau Gravlax Salmon, Scramble Eggs and Rocket Salad Rp. 50,000,-

Continue our brunch with Foccacia with Cointreau Gravlax Salmon, Scramble Eggs and Rocket Salad is so yummy, Foccacia is chewy, the rocket salad is fresh, the Cointreau Gravlax Salmon is so amazing. It is melted in my mouth and I am so impressive with how they make this salmon. They marinate this salmon a day before they served so the seasoning is soak inside. The scramble eggs is nice the texture is smooth.

Then we continue with egg creation in Brunch Menu. We had Egg Hemmingway Gravlax Salmon, Portobello Benedict Portobello Mushroom and Eggs Blackstone Beef Bacon. All this egg creation served with poached egg, muffin, white wine hollandise sauce, and rocket salad.

Egg Hemmingway Gravlax Salmon Rp.50,000,-

Egg Hemmingway Gravlax Salmon served the same salmon like  Foccacia with Cointreau Gravlax Salmon, Scramble Eggs and Rocket Salad and I really love the salmon. Once again the rocket salad steal my attention, it is so fresh. But neither Hollandise Sauce, it is not really steal my attention but it is great to combine when you eat the poached egg. The muffin is so chewy, I love the texture and it is really great.

Portobello Benedict Portobello Mushroom Rp.50,000,-

Portobello Benedict Portobello Mushroom is so great. Portobello Mushroom cook nicely and served with muffin, poached eggs, and rocket salad.

Eggs Blackstone Beef Bacon Rp.50,000,-

Eggs Blackstone Beef Bacon, it is nice like the others egg creation, the difference only the topping they put. They served with beef bacon, but if you eat pork I suggest you to ordered with pork bacon. It is because the aroma and it more tasty than beef one.

Ocean Thermidor and Cheese Bruschetta served with Small Salad and Red Wine Caramalised Onions Rp. 50,000,-

Ocean Thermidor and Cheese Bruschetta served with Small Salad and Red Wine Caramelised Onions. I really love this one, it is an outstanding dish. The combination of lobster, cream sauce its really good. Once again I'm in love with their bread, now they used bruschetta. The texture is chewy. The salad also fresh and the caramelised onion is really good. 

Next we served with Pork Belly and Pork Ribs. Pork Belly is include with the sunday brunch menu, but not Pork Ribs.

Crispy Amaretto Pork Belly with Beans Rp. 68,000,-

Crispy Amaretto Pork Belly with Beans. The presented nicely with beans on the bottom stack with crispy pork belly and topped with rocket salad. The baked beans is combination between cheek peas and red bean. Actually, I don't really like beans but beans in this dish turns me to like beans. The beans cooked nicely with sweet tasty seasoning. Pork Belly is so nice, the top layer is crispy and the next layer is so tender and juicy. I love it, but unfortunately they don't marinated pork belly well. So for me it is quite tasteless and might be I will find chili sauce or tomato sauce to kickin out the taste. Beside them it almost perfect.

Pork Ribs Rp. 180,000,- (Whole) or Rp. 90,000,- (Half)

Pork Ribs is not include in the Sunday Brunch Menu, but it is worth it to try. Same like the Pork Belly, they served with Rocket Salad and Beans. Presented shiny Pork Ribs which is tickle my taste buds. This Pork Belly is tender and juicy. It is marinated well and topped with brown sauce. It is so good. If you love Pork Ribs, you have to try this.

The last but not least. It is Salmon Crepes with White Wine Mornay Sauce served with Rocket Salad. The Salmon is hide behind the crepes, presented with Rocket Salad and Caramalised Onions. In my opinion this dish not too impressive. The salmon texture lost below the cream sauce and crepes. The crepes is not to crispy and taste too milky. The cream sauce also sandy looks like the flour not done yet. 

Salmon Crepes with White Wine Mornay Sauce served with Rocket Salad Rp. 40,000,-

After great dishes from appetizer until main course, we didn't want to miss the dessert. They served us Champagne Gelatine and Starwberry and Raspberry Sorbet. Champagne Gelatine is compliment, so what ever you order you will get that dessert.

Champagne Gelatine

Champagne Gelatine comes in shot glass. It taste sweet and the champagne is tasty, so great champagne creation. I won't thought it before that champagne could be served with gelatine. 
Strawberry and Raspberry Sorbet

Strawberry and Raspberry Sorbet comes with strong flavour alcohol drink. It taste great, but the texture is so rough. The strawberry seeds and raspberry seeds are not blend nicely. It is quite annoying texture beside the great taste.

For all, my Sunday Brunch in Alcoholic Bar is impressive. I wish I could back to try their signature Beer Can Chicken also I am curious with another dessert they have. Going to visit them next time. See ya!

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Alcoholics Bar
Jl.Kemang Raya no. 72N
Jakarta Selatan 
Tel : +628 719 5675

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