Thursday, 18 October 2012

Kwetiauw Sapi Hayam Wuruk Warung Tinggi

Kwetiauw Bukit Tinggi located in famous food district in Jakarta, Hayam Wuruk street, so who don't know about them? Established since my dad young and my mom dad dating, so this is their favourite place for mom and dad.

Like the other Beef Kwetiaw, they open in noon until midnight, so if you find them in the morning, this place change to be Hokian Mee. So, you have to patient til noon comes and you could come to visit them. 

Like the others street food, don't imagine they have nice place with air cond. They don't really care about the interior or exterior either. They only have round tables and red plastic. But, even the place is not really nice, but the food really prove that you will be back to them.

As simple interior menu they offer only kwetiauw, you could choose between kwetiauw siram, fried kwetiauw, bun kwetiauw, yam kwetiauw, or maybe soup kwetiauw. You could ask whatever you want to order, don't wish for book menu, that menu only available when you ask them, but the waiter are friendly so don't hesitated to ask what do you want.

Liang Teh

To accompany my kwetiauw I ordered Liang Tea. That is herbal tea for sore throat, but if you are not sore throat it is good to prevent them. Even it is herbal tea, but it taste sweet. 

Beef Soup

Beef Soup is my dad favorite appetizer here. It is mix beef with bean sprouts. Even it looks simple it taste good, the beef is great and the soup is nice. You could ask for refill the soup if you like soup like me and my dad.

Kwetiauw Siram Sapi

Kwetiauw Siram is my favourite dish. Kwetiauw and the topping cook seperated. First they stocked the fried kwetiauw then they cook the topping seperately, sometime the fried kwetiauw already cool, but don't worry the heat of topping could mix with the cool fried kwetiauw. The portion is quite big for girls, so might be you could sharing.

Beef Kwetiauw Siram with Egg

Kwetiauw Siram with Egg, once again this is special order from my sister. the difference between mine and hers is the topping. She asked to added more egg in the topping so it looks richer and nicer for egg lover like my sister, but it taste totally same. 

For me, this place served the best kwetiauw siram I ever had, but near my home there is nice kwetiauw siram too, but the beef in Kwetiauw Siram Bukit Tinggi served much more than kwetiauw siram near my home. 

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Kwetiauw Sapi Hayam Wuruk 61 Bukit Tinggi 
Located near Delicious Bakery

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