Saturday, 6 October 2012

B-Side Wakai

After ate in Zenbu : House of Mozaru, I moved to dessert place in B-side Wakai. It is new place in Plaza Indonesia. It is literally small cafe beside Wakai the clothing store. I heard that many people really loves their baked mochi, so I asked Cindy to have dessert in B-Side Wakai. 

B-side Wakai is small tiny cafe, they only couple of seat. The decoration is so japanesse, they used wood, sofa and in the left side when you entered B-Side Wakai, they have big cold storage to chill the drink. It is quite nice place to hangout after you shop in the next store. 

Mainly they served dessert, and they only have limited food variants. I wish they could added more food variants. Their baked mochi is really famous, so me and Cindy decided to ordered baked mochi.

Baked Mochi 3 Pieces Rp.24,000,-

One portion baked mochi are consists of 3 pieces mochi. They have many baked mochi, there are vanilla, green tea, nutella, red bean and peanut butter. So we ordered, nutella, red bean and vanilla. The nutella is hardly to different with red bean coz the colour is quite same. From all baked mochi, the best and yummiest one is the vanilla, it is so nice and sweet, beside the nutella and red bean are nice too, but the vanilla is the best. These baked mochi is good, it is must be try dessert, it is unique.  

After my visit with Cindy, couple of time I visited B-side Wakai to tried their origami caked which is usually we called mille crepe. When I asked the waiter, is it origami cake is mille crepe from first love cake? and he answered yes. Even I know how good first love cake mille crepe, but I still wanna try the other flavour of mille crepe. So I bought green tea mille crepe and oreo mille crepe to take away. 

Origami Cake Green Tea Rp.35,000,-

Origami Cake Green Tea is looks pale, the green is turn into light yellow or pale green. It looks not interesting presentation, beside the not interesting presentation, the Origami Cake is dry. It is maybe the B-Side Wakai not store them right or it is from the First Love Cake, I don't know. But what I still remember my Original Mille Crepe from First Love Cake is perfectly yummy. 

Origami Cake Oreo Rp.35,000,-

Not same like the Origami Cake Green Tea , the Origami Cake Oreo  looks more tempting, the chocolate is bold color and looks nice with layer by layer of the crepe. It taste good as it looks like. I really love this Origami Cake Oreo 

Beside their Baked Mochi and Origami Cake, B-Side Wakai has another tempting dessert, that is Ninja Crepe, the last time I visited them, the waiteress said the equipment to make the crepes is not delivery yet, so maybe next time I will visited B-Side Wakai to tried Ninja Crepe. 

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B-Side Wakai
Plaza Indonesia 4th Floor Blok D06
Jl. Mh. Thamrin Kav, 28-30
Tel : 021 2992 3907

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