Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Tokyo Banana : Banana Sponge Cake from Japan

Beside their famous Green Tea Kit Kat, Tokyo Banana is Japanese signature gift which is usually bring when people went to Japan. Tokyo Banana is so cute, it is banana sponge cake filled banana custard cream, so nice and great, here's what the Tokyo Banana looks like when you bite this. 

Literally, Tokyo Banana has many variants, you could check their web store here. Beside this original one, they have Giraffe Pattern, Leopard Pattern, Caramel Tokyo Banana and cookies, chocolate also baumkuchen. So when I checked out their web store I am drooling and I want to ask my friend to bring all Tokyo Banana product, but Tokyo Banana is quite pricey so I asked my friends to brought the original one, coz I never tried this before.

Tokyo Banana Original is fluffy sponge cake filled with banana custard cream. It looks so cute, but it taste so-so I mean I thought it will be so special, like I want to eat again and again, but it is not. The sponge is fluffy but the filling is less sweet, and the banana flavour is strong enough. 

So if you are banana lover and you really adore their cuteness level of Tokyo Banana so let's ask someone to brought this to you or maybe you could buy in many seller in online shop. 

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