Saturday, 27 October 2012

Ikkudo Ichi

In Food District PIK, so many yummy food on there, you will be curious what is the best ramen here. But don't worry there is the yummy ramen named Ikkudo Ichi. Newbie in ramen industry doesn't make them being follower. They brings new variant menu which spicy. It makes people who loves spicy will be excited with this menu. But don't worry for people who doesn't love spicy, there are many rice menu, pork cheek and many more here could watering your mouth. So here's what we have.

From outside, Ikkudo Ichi is very easy to recognize, they have big signage from outside and the exterior of Ikkudo Ichi is eye catchy. When I visited there, so many visitor eat here. Even it was not lunch time or dinner time. With wood color as the main color here. They have ramen stall as the interior concept. They don't have long sofa or comfy chair, but they have wood tables and chairs. Not only the tables and chairs made from wood, they also use wood for the wall. With calligraphy painting in every side of the wall, makes their wall nicer. 

Ikkudo Ichi has many ramen choices, but they have famous ramen which is Ikkudo Buta Kara or Ikkudo Tori Kara. It is ikkudo signature ramen with spicy. I don't really like spicy, so I order to separated the kara sauce in the other bowl. But my sister doesn't like spicy even a little bit, so she was ordered signature Buta Signature Ramen.  

Buta Signature Rp. 35,800,-

Buta Signature Ramen comes with many slice of pork, leeks, sesame and half boiled egg. The noodle is not really chewy and smooth, it looks like chicken noodle. But the brooth is really rich and tasty. I really love.

Ikkudo Tori Kara Ramen Rp. 39,500,-

Ikkudo Tori Kara Ramen comes with chicken slice, half boiled egg, leeks, sesame and signature kara sauce. The brooth is same like Buta Signature Ramen the different is only the meat they use and the kara sauce they use. They also use the same noodle. It is yummy, but I prefer the Ikkudo Buta Kara Ramen.

Ikkudo Buta Kara Ramen Rp. 39,500,-

This is my ramen Ikkudo Buta Kara Ramen. It comes with shinny glorious brooth, pork slice, half boiled egg, leeks, sesame and mushroom. I love the pork slice is juicy and tender. But beside the noodle and brooth. I love this Ikkudo Buta Kara. I seperated the Kara sauce so I can put little by little in my ramen. I thought the Kara sauce is really spicy, but it is not. When it mixed with Kara sauce this ramen looks prettier with red color on it. 

In my opinion this is great ramen place beside Ikkousha. They have many outlet in PIK and in Pesangrahan. So if you live in west Jakarta you don't have to go to PIK to taste their ramen. Next time maybe I have to try their pork cheeks, many people said their pork cheeks were nice.

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Ikkudo Ichi
Rukan Crown Golf Blok D No. 2-3
Bukit Golf Mediterania
Tel : (021) 96628677

Ruko Puri

Jalan Pesangrahan Raya No. 168M


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