Monday, 15 October 2012

House of Chocolate by Magnum

House of Chocolate Magnum is present in Grand Indonesia, as remember this is not the first time Magnum present Magnum Cafe. As we can flash back to April 2011, they have Magnum Cafe which is present for 10 months in Grand Indonesia. Nowadays, Magnum present new concept of their Magnum Cafe named as House of Chocolate Magnum. They located in different place of the past Magnum Cafe and different concept from Magnum Cafe.  

Compare with Magnum Cafe, I prefer their House of Chocolate concept. They have bigger space than Magnum Cafe. Located higher level than Magnum Cafe, House of Chocolate has better view than Magnum Cafe, you could see the sky scrapper while you enjoy your ice cream. In indoor area, they have long sofa and many table. I think the number of table they provide is more than in Magnum Cafe. In outdoor area, there are Magnum Bar which is provide beverage for Magnum. There is available long sofa too, and the view is really great here. 

Magnum Menu

House of Chocolate they mainly served Magnum Ice Cream in many ways, but beside them you could enjoy more food and drink variety. But in this visited, I am little bit hurry, so I only ordered their Ice Cream. I tried their DeVelvet and Rainbow District. 

De Velvet Rp. 45,000,-

De Velvet is red velvet cake served with custom made red velvet ice cream, topped with chocolate sauce and garnish with raspberry fruit. I really like their cake, it is moist and the cream cheese is good.

Rainbow District Rp. 45,000,-

Rainbow District is rainbow cake served with custom made rainbow ice cream, dressing with chocolate sauce and garnish with rainbow cookies, strawberry sauce, fresh strawberry and mint leaf. I think the rainbow cookies is better than De Velvet, the cream cheese taste stronger. Even the custom made magnum ice cream looks weird but it is ok. The cookies rainbow is not really great, I just don't like it. 

In my opinion, House of Chocolate could be nice place to enjoy magnum creation which is not available in Super Market, Hypermart, or even mini market near your home. The service also better and there is no queue. Same as Magnum Cafe, House of Chocolate is open temporary, so if you curious what magnum creation they served you have to visit them as soon as possible before they closed. 

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House of Chocolate by Magnum
Grand Indonesia West Mall 6th Floor

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