Saturday, 13 October 2012

Snack in Duta Mas

After had my early dinner in A Hwa, surround A Hwa there are many food stall who sells many interesting food, like Popia (Spring Roll) and Fried Banana. Literally, there are famous snow ice surround A Hwa, but I prefer Popiah and  Borneo Fried Banana. So here we are!

Po Pia is not Jakarta traditional food, Po Piah is come from Medan. Most of Po Pia maker is come from Medan and they opened their stall in Medan district in Jakarta like in Duta Mas. Po Pia available in fried and non fried popiah. Like another spring roll, Po Pia is filled by many vegetable like bean sprouts, and carrot. But the difference between spring roll and Po Pia is the filling. 

Po Pia Rp. 7,500,- / each

Po Pia based with lettuce then mixed seasoning carrot and bean sprouts and the most important ingredients of Popiah is crab and fried onion, then rolled. You could dipped Po Pia with their sweet sauce or chili sauce. Be careful, the chili sauce usually very spicy, so if you don't like spicy like me, you could dipped only a little. 

Beside Po Pia, there is Borneo Fried Banana, why it called Borneo Fried Banana, because the banana is import far from Borneo. The difference between banana in Jakarta and banana in Borneo is the sweet level and texture. Borneo Banana texture looks like not ripe but it is sweet enough, that texture is exact for fried banana. 

Ahock Borneo Banana has different style with the others. Usually the producer of Borneo Banana only make the cute fan shape, but here's Ahock made stick Fried Banana and you could choose what flavour do you like for your fried banana. They have original,  sweet, chocolate, chocolate cheese, cheese, strawberry, and etc. 

Borneo Fried Banan Rp.4,000,-

Beside the shape, Ahock Borneo Banana not only fried the banana and topped the flavour on top, but they marinate the fried banana with their special mixing so it will make the banana sweeter and topped with the topping. My favorite Ahock Borneo Banana are chocolate and chocolate cheese flavour. But if you like original or another flavour, it will be great to taste. 

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Amei Po Pia
In Front of A Hwa Chinese Food
Tel : 62 813 1483 0661

Ahock Borneo Fried Banana
In Front of A Hwa Chinese Food
Tel : 021 - 567 6016

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