Friday, 5 October 2012

Zenbu : House of Mozaru

Long time ago, I hangout with my foodies friends, Sara, Cindy, and Octa before attended the invitation. We had lunch in Zenbu House of Mozaru. This is my first time visited Zenbu, Cindy said in every monday to thursday, Zenbu has special promotion buy 1 get 1 for the rice bowl, but luckily I came in friday, so we didn't get any promotion. Zenbu is famous with their mozaru, mozaru is baked rice combine with sauce, topping and mozarella cheese. So here's what we ate.


Zenbu has three areas, sushi bar, smooking and non smooking area. We are not smoking so we decide to sit in non smooking area. The interior here dominated with white and light wood color, so fresh and soulful, then the wallpaper decorated with japanesse mural. 

Zenbu has two menus, one is the appetizer, entree and dessert menu and the others is the sushi menu. Here's what we ordered in Zenbu. I ordered agedashi tofu as appetizer and for the entree me, Sara, and Octa ordered mozaru Zenbu's signature dish. Cindy, she ordered sushi, she already had her lunch. 

Agedashi Tofu Rp. 20,000,-

Agedashi Tofu is fried tofu mix with soy sauce, it is so crunchy tofu outside when the soft and smooth tofu texture inside. Garnish with bonito flakes. It taste great, the tofu is exact crunchy, I like this agedashi tofu. 

In Zenbu, if you ordered mozaru, you could choose what is your rice, your sauce and your topping. For rice there are2 choice, butter rice or curry rice. For sauce, there are 3 choices, tomato sauce, butter sauce and dynamite sauce. For topping, there are 9 choices mushroom, chicken, beef, burger, gindara, seafood, salmon, zenbu and unagi. 

Gindara Mozaru Rp.50,000,-

So, I have my gindara mozaru. and I picked butter rice and dynamite sauce. In my opinion the rice is dry, I thought the rice will be fluffy and mate with the dynamite sauce and the mozarella cheese. It taste great, but it will induce to be nausea if you don't really like cheese because this mozaru is thick and rich of cheese and cream. 

Chicken Mozaru Rp.45,000,-

Chicken Mozaru is Sara's dish, she choosed butter rice and dynamite sauce. It is quite same with me, coz the different is only the topping. 

Zenbu Mozaru Rp.60,000,-

It is Octa's dish. She picked Zenbu Mozaru. Zenbu Mozaru is complete topping, so there's seafood, chicken and etc.  

Makimono Chilly Rp.25,000,-

Makimono Chilly is Cindy's dish. Before we met up here, she already had lunch, so she only ordered small portion of sushi. She picked the Makimono is fresh salmon mixed with chili sauce and mayonese on it. It is so nice. 

After met up with my foodies friends, Sara, Octa and Cindy. Couple weeks later, I met up again with Cindy after had interviewed in Sudirman. So we decided to ate again in Zenbu and I met up in monday if I am not wrong. So I've got the buy 1 get 1 rice bowl promotion in Zenbu. Here what we ate in the other day. 

Curry Rice Rp.45,000,-

I craved for curry rice so I ordered Beef Curry here. It is fried beef and topped with curry sauce and served with vegetable and rice. Once again, the rice in Zenbu is dry, I prefer the fluffy rice than the dry one, and they gave me the curry sauce really cheap, so I really thirsty after ate this. 

Beef Teriyaki Rp.45,000,-

Cindy ordered the beef teriyaki. It is beef teriyaki topped with sesame, served with scrambel egg, nori and rice. The beef teriyaki is dry, it is not type of beef teriyaki, even Cindy loved what she ordered. 

After all, I thought that Zenbu is really nice one japanesse resto, they have many intersting food, like the appetizer, sushi and etc. Beside their dry rice, everything is nice and the ambient is great. 

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Zenbu : House of Mozaru
Plaza Indonesia 5th Floor
Jakarta Pusat
Tel : 021 2992 3648

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