Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Pia Legong from Bali

Three weeks ago my very best friend Vina went to Bali. The first thing pop up in my mind that I asked her to bring some pia legong who is being Bali must to bring gift. Pia Legong has their famous chocolate pia, so she brought to me Pia Legong fresh from Bali. So here it is.

Pia Legong has many flavour such as green beans, cheese and chocolate. Pia Legong chocolate pie is really famous, so I asked Vina to brought me the chocolate one. Even maybe you prefer cheese or maybe the traditional flavour like green beans, but I prefer the chocolate one.

This is my first time tried Pia Legong, my foodies friends said that Pia Legong is really good, moreover the chocolate one it is so damn good chocolate, the chocolate was rich and it would made you addicted. Also before I ate Pia Legong better to heated in microwave. So, I follow my foodies friends instruction to heated before I eat it and it is so great, the chocolate is melted inside and the pie crust is warmed so it is so great to eat while you watching tv or as a dessert after entree. 

So if you went to Bali, don't forget to bring Pia Legong as gift to your friends or your family. Also if you don't want to run out the Pia Legong, better you ordered first then you could take it as the time that you ordered.  

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Pia Legong
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Tel : 0361 7898 777

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