Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Yaudah Bistro

Yaudah Bistro is one of restaurant who stay quite longer in my food resolution. I really want to go there because I heard so many people said they have great food. Actually they served western food, so you could find, pasta, steak, burger and etc Last month I went there with my mom in lunch time. My mom thought, Yaudah Bistro located in Jaksa street, but when we through until the end of Jaksa street , but we didn't find it. We didn't know that Yaudah Bistro was moved to Gondangdia Menteng, so after we asked some people on street we found direction to reach Yaudah Bistro. In Menteng street, we found yellow catchy building that is Yaudah Bistro. We were very hungry, so we hurry up called the waitress and ordered some speciality food. Here's what we have in Yaudah Bistro. 

They have catchy yellow building. So, if you are not familiar with Menteng street, you don't have to worry you found them. Not like another western resto, they have simple interior with no air cond, its quit uncomfortable because sometimes Jakarta has high temperature. They have two area indoor and outdoor. They have many glass tables and wooden chairs. I came in sunny afternoon and it feels quite hot, but luckily me, the cirlculation works well so many wind inside and out.

Yaudah Bistro known as Germany resto, so if you are loves Bratwurst or some German food, you could find it here. Beside famous Bratwurst, if you drink beer you could order some signature beer from Yaudah Bistro. 

Because of I still felt hot, so I ordered some fresh beverage. I ordered Milkshake and my mom too. Milkshake taste so so maybe they use

Milkshake Chocolate Rp. 19,500,-
Milkshake Vanilla Rp. 19,500,-
Because of I still felt hot, so I ordered some fresh beverage. I ordered Milkshake and my mom too. Milkshake taste so so maybe they use rare ice cream, which is sold in some supermarket. I don't really like it and the temperature of milkshake is same like weather, so I don't got the freshness from milkshake. 

Chicken Mushroom Soup Rp. 29,500,-
For entree, I ordered Chicken Mushroom Soup. It comes with large bowl of Chicken Mushroom, it taste nice with rich cream and mixed between diced mushroom and chicken. I love the original of Chicken Mushroom Soup. 

Garlic Bread Rp. 22,500,-
To accompany Chicken Mushroom Soup, my mom ordered some Garlic Bread. I thought Garlic Bread will come like Garlic Bread in Pizza Hut, but it comes with not really pretty presentation. But it taste really great. Garlic flavour really strong and I love the France bread they used and rich of butter. It taste nice moreover you combine with creamy Chicken Mushroom Soup. It is the best ever pairing. 

Bratwurst Pork Rp. 39,000,-
For the main course, I shared our main course. It is because my mom knew that Yaudah Bistro always served bigger size than the other western resto. So we split up our Bratwurst Pork. It taste chewy, but I don't really like it because it was not marinated well, the sauce was nice, with caramelised onion, but they really cheap gave me the sauce. Bratwurst Pork served with mashed potato and salad. Actually you could picked another side dish like rosti, fried fries or hash brown. Mashed Potato taste nice and creamy. Salad comes so simple and the dressing is not really good. 

For all, if you are kinda boring with high-end western resto, Yaudah Bistro will be the another place to have western food. They change your mind set about western resto should be pricey, but they have affordable price for high quality food and drink. So if you love western food, you have try Yaudah Bistro. For next visit, maybe I have to try their steak, and their super tempting side dish. 

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Yaudah Bistro
Jl. Johar 15, Gondadia Menteng 
Jakarta Pusat - 10350
Tel : 021 - 3140 343
Email :  

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