Sunday, 11 November 2012

Pempek Apy

Finally I post about Pempek Apy. I went there arround 3-4 months ago. Pardon me for late review. I went there in the morning after breakfast in Pasar Puri, my mon said one of her friend from Palembang said there is endess pempek in Taman Ratu. Then after went to Pasar Puri me, my family went there. Suprisingly, this Pempek had long queue, even it still morning which I know it is not time for having pempek. Even they had long queue, in my opinion, that indicated there are so many people wanna eat there and it means they have great pempek, so check this out!

Pempek Apin could be category as street food, even they are street food, but it doesn't mean they have dirty food, they still maintain their food nicely, it looks from the simple interior they have, even there is no air conditioner and its only simple tables and plastic chairs but it quite neat as a street food.

They have so many variants of pempek, from kapal selam, lenjer, keriting, kulit and many more.They also have two size pempek, small and big. You could asked them to take away or having pempek there. I prefer to take home their pempek. I ordered pempek kulit, keriting, lenjer and adaan. Pempek kulit made from fish skin and mixed with flour and many ingredients. Keriting, lenjer and adaan made from fish and any mix ingredients. My mom asked to fried the pempek kulit, so we could eat on our way home, but my mom asked not to fried the others pempek so we could save as food inventory at home.

Pempek kulit comes crunchy outside and chewy inside, but in my tongue this pempek quite tasteless. I love pempek with strong flavour of fish so I could called that pempek is nice. But Pempek Apin served with spicy sauce, so if you love spicy maybe you will love it, but I don't like spicy so I only eat pempek with non spicy sauce they give. It is not impress me too much. 

Small Pempek @ Rp. 5,000,-
Big Pempek @ Rp. 13,000,-

For the other pempek its taste same, because its only basice ingredients they change, but they seasoning the pempek same each other. 

So in my opinion, if you like not strong and spicy sauce pempek. maybe Pempek Apy could be your choice, but for people like me who don't like spicy and loves strong flavour of fish, maybe we could find better place for it. 

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Pempek Apin 
Green Ville in the right side of street

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