Friday, 16 November 2012

Tasting Box Part 2 from Sedapur

Arround one month ago, I got delivery tasting from It is my second Product Tasting Box from Sedapur. In this Product Tasting Box part 2, they sent me Pempek from  delivery tasting from Sedapur. I've got Pempek Bola Keju from Pempek Udang Emak and Otak-Otak from Otak Otak si Dia. Before this event, Sedapur ever had this event named Product Tasting Box part 1. I posted it in this blog, you could check by click here. So, I am kinda excited what they sent me in Product Tasting Box part 2. Keep reading to know how good they are. 

I wasn't at home when the delivery man sent me Product Food Tasting, but my nannys called me that there was someone sent Otak-Otak and Pempek. Oh ya, I was forgot to mention her, that in October, 19 it would be someone sent Tasting Box from Sedapur. So when I've got home I looked my Otak-Otak and Pempek. I took couple of picture and try them. 

First I wanna share about Otak Otak si Dia. We will know that Otak Otak is one of traditional snack who could be found when you eat in chicken noodle near your home, or even you really craving them and find it in market. We are really familiar with Otak-Otak. But you have to try this Otak-Otak. It taste different from Otak-Otak you ever tried. I fall in love with this Otak-Otak in the first bite. It tast chewy, tasty and the sauce is so great. They have two sauce, peanut sauce and vinegar sauce. I love their peanut sauce, but it doesn't mean that vinegar sauce is not good. It exactly nice when you combine with, but in my honest personal taste, I prefer the peanut sauce.

Then the second product is Pempek Bola Udang from Pempek Udang Emak. It looks really innovative and creative from the name. Generally, Pempek combination between flour and fish or shrimp, but they make a little twist with modern style, so they put melted cheese on it. So when you eat it, especially when Pempek fresh from pan, it will be melted nicely in your mouth and it is really addicted. I really love the idea of Pempek Bola Udang.

If you are interest to order either Otak-Otak from Otak Otak si Dia or Pempek Bola Udang from Pempek Udang Emak, you could click here and you only have to wait and your food will be delivery to your door. 

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