Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Sam & Jolly Cafe

After went to church, last week in Saturday night, I went to Central Park to hangout with my sister. We had our dinner in Kamikaze and window shopping. After that I thought I want something sweet as dessert. I got an idea why don't I try Sams and Jolly, new restaurant under Sour Sally as the pioneer of frozen yoghurt in Indonesia. I thought maybe they have many unique dessert to try. I steeped my foot to Sams and Jolly.  Luckily me, I came there as the last order. If I was little bit late to came to Sams and Jolly maybe I could not taste their unique food. So here's what we had. 

As we know Sour Sally has cute concept of Sally, she is cute little girl who wears black and white socks, so Sams and Jolly comes with cute silly cartoon. They have two area, indoor and outdoor. When I came there the outdoor area was full, because in the park, there was event so some of them watched the event from above. In indoor are, the interior is same like the mascot they have, with balloon air as the interior it looks cute with colorful and they have couples of sofa also tables and chairs. In outdoor area, they have unique concept like in indoor, but the different, they have liberty statue and many unique things which is build the fun way to enjoy healthy food. 

Before I went here, I thought Sam and Jolly only served dessert, but they are not. They served appetiser, main course and dessert. The unique things they offer is main course with yogurt based. I mean, not all restaurant want to play out of line when the combination is too mainstream maybe some of customer will be worried, and it will impact on their sales. But Sam and Jolly is not worried about it, they keep the innovative and the creativity variety menu.

I came there in super late night, so I ordered the simple drinks and dessert. My friend Desca said they had yummy green tea ice cream in the large bowl and I could shared for two people. But unlucky me, Sam and Jolly change their menu, so I asked the waitress what is the best dessert here. They said it was fro-yo rainbow cake. I'm kinda boring with rainbow things, so I ordered their Green Tea Lova and for drink I ordered ice lemon tea.

Ice Lemon Tea Rp. 15,000,-

Ice lemon tea comes like general ice lemon tea in the other cafe or restaurant. There is nothing special with it.

Green Tea Lova Ro. 39,000,-

Green tea lova comes with green tea tiramissu sprinkled with almond served with green tea yo stick and mango sauce. I love the green tea tiramissu, the green tea flavour is strong and the mango sauce is fresh.  I thought the green tea froyo taste like Sour Sally green tea fro-yo. But it is not, the green tea yo stick taste more signature than Sour Sally green tea. 

In my opinion, they are successful to be the next dessert stop after Sour Sally. Their innovative and creativity of management of Sam and Jolly should be thumbs up. Variety menu of foods and drinks they offer makes customer curious and want to try one by one. So maybe next time I have to try their main course with yogurt based or another blended drinks.

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Sam & Jolly Cafe
Central Park, UG Fl Unit 216
. Let. Jend. S. Parman Kav. 28, Jakarta

Phone: (021) 2920-0237
Fax: (021) 2920-0236


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