Saturday, 3 November 2012

Rendang by William Wongso

Last day of Grand Opening Jakarta Culinary Festival 2012, I came on sunday. In Garuda Indonesia lounge I saw stand of William Wongso so I visited that stand and take a look what William Wongso have and I found Rendang made by him, I asked the price first and I am impressive of the price, it is so affordable. So I bought it. It is vacuum pack so if you want to gift to your friend who live aboard you could bring it to them. It could be best consume til couple of months.

Rendang Padang William Wongso 250gr Rp. 75,000,-
The next day which was monday, I really excited to eat my Rendang by William Wongso, I tried the sample at Sunday and it taste so delicious. It reminds me of my grandma's rendang, but because of her age she stops cooking, I'm kinda miss her rendang,

The beef is dry but it is so tasty. This rendang has aroma which is come from the coconut oil and the spicy is mix with serundeng so it is rich and yummy. Beside them for people who doesn't like spicy, WW Rendang won't burn your tongue. But you have to be careful because the after taste of rendang quite spicy but it is worth to sacrifice your tongue in spiciness because this rendang is worth to try. 

To get this William Wongso Rendang, you could find in here

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