Monday, 5 November 2012

Liberica Coffee

Around two months ago I went to Central Park to had lunch with Anak Jajan after had lunch in Hachi Hachi we stepped our foot to newest coffee shop (in that time Liberica was the newest coffee shop) in Central Park. I knew Liberica since they opened their first store in Pacific Place, but as my first impression of Liberica it was a boring coffee shop. I have been curious what Liberica has to offer customer in their concept. They have good looking interior, it pushed me to seek out what they have. Check this out.

They have an american style interior looks like from their exposed brick in one side of the wall and high 
ceiling. It makes this coffee shop looks wide and welcome. With main colour is dark brown and black, it looks this coffee shop is expensive. But you don't have to worry this coffee shop is formal boring coffee shop. They have many long sofa also tables and chairs, so you could enjoy your coffee here. 

They have two area, indoor and outdoor. But I don't have any idea why they separated in two area even in indoor area many people smoking. It was annoying when in indoor area, you could smoking or when they don't separated smoking and non smoking area. 

 Ice Creme Brulle Rp. 39,090,-
Green Tea Blended (L) Rp. 44,545,-

They have many kinds of coffee and non coffee drinks. Beside coffee, they have main course and pastry. Me and Anak Jajan still full after had our lunch, so we only ordered drinks. I choose creme brulle coffee and Anak Jajan choose ice blended green tea. I found out that my creme brulle burned with blow torch, it is quite impressive. My creme brulle taste nicely and the coffee is quite strong. But unfortunately Anak Jajan's ice blended green tea was disappointed her. It looks like, there wasn't wrong with her ice blended green tea, but it taste bad. The green tea taste likes green tea powder for baking. I mean they are coffee shop which should be offer high quality not only for the coffee but for all the drinks or foods they offer. I'm kinda surprised that they picked wrong ingredients for the high expectation drinks.

In my opion, maybe I should try their coffee cocktails, it looks interesting and for you who loves green tea, I think you better go to Starbucks to have your ice blended green tea. Even it is more expensive than in Liberica but it is more worth it. Next time, maybe I have to try their pastry, it looks interesting to taste also their main course looks nice. 

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Liberica Coffee
Central Park Mall
Shop Unit TGF 01-01A
Ground Floor
Jl. Let Jend S. Parman Kav. 28
Jakarta 11470 

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