Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Ayam Jeruk Ny Lusi

Nasi Ayam Jeruk + Lalap Rp.25,000,-

Ayam Jeruk is one of prasetya mulya student creation, since they have to be an entrepreneur, so they make something unique to complete their final task. 

Beside them, when I hear ayam jeruk, the first thing I imagine is fried chicken fillet combine with orange sauce, but the reality they make chicken with many ingredients and it is looks like rendang ayam. Far from my imagination, but since I really curious with what is ayam jeruk so I try the Ayam Jeruk one. It taste suprisingly I taste a orange also another spice which is make them really good. But if you don't like spicy, you can try another menu they served, they have ayam panggang madu. It is intersting, for the next I will try ayam panggang madu. Also for dessert, they have gui ling cao a chinesse dessert, mostly you can find it in the chinesse resto, but they served a gui ling cao too.

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Ayam Jeruk Ny Lusi
Tel : 081287845747

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