Saturday, 24 March 2012

Rumah Makan Empal Asem Amarta Pleret Cirebon

Amarta is place of empal gentong also the empal asem. First time I know Amarta from food master Bondan Winarno with their tv show in Trans TV. Then I went to Cirebon and pass Amarta after check out batik in Pleret. So I visited them.

If you don't familiar with the place you don't have to worry, the sign name is quite big enough to look. Then I visited them in lunch so the place crowded with visitor to taste the famous empal asem and empal gentong.

In this visit, I tried their 2 famous menu. Beside that, the have goat satay, but since I didn't eat goat satay, so I didn't order it. Before I know Amarta, usually I eat empal gentong in Kanoman Market also Cirebon has famous Empal Gentong Mang Darma. But since I only visited Cirebon for 2 days, so I don't have time to visit all good food there.

Empal Asem Rp.12,000,-
For the empal asem is nice and fresh. Not sour as you think, but you can taste tomato on it, so you would feel nause, I like it the empal asem

Empal Gentong Rp.12,000,-

Beside that the empal gentong, in my opinion is too oily, you can see in the picture, the oil is a little too much than the empal asem, and empal gentong is contain coconut milk. So if you don't really like coconut milk I suggest you to eat the empal asem. 

Both of empal asem and empal gentong is great, you have to visit them if you come to Cirebon. 

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Rumah Makan Empal Asem Amarta
Jl. Raya Batembat, Pleret, Cirebon
Tel: (0231)- 207708 / 081313338584

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