Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Coffee Bean Puri Indah Mall

Coffee Bean is one of the best coffee shop in town, but I rarely go to Coffee Bean, only two times in my life I came there. First time I like Coffee Bean because the warm chocolate really warming my heart. So this time I came back to taste newest coffee blended.

So this time, I ordered Cookies Cream Ice Blended, I like it the cookies ice blended, so fresh and the sweet level is enough for me and I also ordered pure chocolate Ice blended, my mom said it is nice pure chocolate here, so she ordered it. For accompany our hangout time, we ordered many cakes like carrot cake, oreo cheese cake also warm chocolate muffin. In fact Coffee Bean has red velvet cake which super IT now, but I interesting with their carrot cake. For the carrot cake as usual, the carrot was grater inside the cake, so you can taste the carrot so well. But it was nice texture also the frosting has sweet level too. For the oreo cheese cake it was nice but a little bit dry, so when I ate their oreo cheese cake I need extra water for ate them. And for the warm chocolate muffin, I am the big fans of them, so it is so lovely, nice and great as usual. 

Cookies Cream Ice Blended Rp.54,000,-

Pure Chocolate Ice Blended Rp.54,000,-

Warm Chocolate Muffin Rp.32,000,-

Carrot Cake Rp.32,000,-

 Oreo Cheese Cake Rp.32,000,-

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Coffee Bean Puri Indah Mall
Puri Indah Mall Lantai 1
Tel : 021 - 5825297

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