Saturday, 17 March 2012

Delicake Shop

Red Velvet Cupcake Rp.15,000,-


Strawberry Short Cupcake Rp.15,000,-
Delicake is homemade cupcakes, which is online cupcakes, who sell with social media. But luckily I can try them without any delivery, In 9-11 March 2011, they present in Pop Up Market in Grand Indonesia. Which is the event is have many good food like delicake. Since I am a big fans with red velvet also I know the red velvet is really hype, so I try the red velvet cupcake.

Delicake Red Velvet Cupcake
Frosting : I like it the creme cheese frosting not to salty not to creamy just oke
Texture : It is ok, but I think it's a little bit dry, but it is not a big problem. Also I think the top side of cupcakes is more juicy than the inside
Sweetness level : Just oke, not too sweet not to rare. I like it
Color : It is nice level of red

Delicake Strawberry Short Cupcake
Frosting : Sweet and fresh, coz I can taste a fresh strawberry in the frosting
Texture : Same like the red velvet cupcake
Sweetness level : It is oke, and can taste a vanilla in the cupcakes. I like it too

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  1. If you like red velvet cupcake,, i really recommended you to try them at goods depts cafe! The taste and texture's pretty nice, their cream and cakes is blend..

    1. @ Fellicious: Yeah I know their cupcake really good. I will post if I try their red velvet cupcake also their rainbow cake :)



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