Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Kenny Roger Fx Sudirman

This is my first visit to Kenny Roger Roaster, a roasted chicken resto. A long time I know Kenny Roger located beside Kem Chick, but since Kem Chick move from Kemang and open many branch, Kenny Roger do the same like Kem Chick.

Ice Tea Rp.10,000,-

Quarter Meal with Massed Potato, Mac n Cheese and Garden Salad Original Sauce Rp.49,900,-

 Quarter Meal with Potato Garlic, Mashed Potato, and Fruit Salad Original Sauce Rp.49,900,-

Quarter Meal with Double Mac n Cheese Spicy Sauce 

Kenny Rogers Spicy Sauce Chicken n Garden Salad Rp.52,000,-

As this is my first visit,I like the ambiance, they have many sofa so you can relax while you eat and also that is not crowd. The waiter serve me well and describe me really good. For this visit, I order a quarter meal. I thought it will be big chicken, and I will feel really full. But that is not. For beverage, I order an ice tea and that is refillable. I like the chicken it is not so many salt and other seasoning, but the sauce is really nice. There is 3 kinds of sauce that they served, that are original, black pepper and spicy, also they have a dynasty chicken (their new sauce choice). Also the side dish is really nice, I like their mac and cheese. Also they have a muffin, thanks God they served me a vanilla muffin coz, I don't like the raisin one. 
For me Kenny Roger not only delicious resto but also a great place for you when you on diet. Because they mainly served a protein food, so you won't ruin your diet.

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Kenny Roger FX Sudirman
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Pintu Satu Senayan
Tanah Abang
Jakarta Pusat 10270

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