Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Soto Kudus Blok M

Soto Kudus Blok M menu

Soto Kudus Blok M is not same like another soto you ever meet. This is one of old fashion food in south Jakarta. Soto Kudus Blok M is kind of javanese soto, so it is taste sweet. Like the name is soto kudus so the only menu that they served is soto kudus, even they have many kind of food in their menu, but when you come there you will try the soto.

Soto Kudus with Rice Rp.30,000,- + Rp.5,000,-

Side Dish 

Side Dish

Fried Lumpia Rp.9,000,-
 Lumpia Basah Rp.8,000,- 

 Es Cincau Rp.8,000,-
The ambience in soto kudus when I came there, is a little bit crowded, since I came in lunch time, so most of seat are full. When I came there the waiter asked what I want to ordered, so I ordered soto kudus which is served separately with rice. They served many side dish like bacem tofu, bacem tempe, many kinds of sate also perkedel. Since I really fans with shell, so I take shell sate for accompany my dish. For additional, I try their lumpia semarang. They have 2 kinds fried lumpia and lumpia basah. It taste so so, not like the original lumpia semarang taste. But it is cure crave about lumpia semarang. 

For the beverages I try es cincau. It is nice with red syrup and santan, but the cincau is far from my imagination. I thought the cincau is cincau hijau, and the reality the cincau is black cincau. 

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Soto Kudus Blok M
Jl. K.H Ahmad Dahlan Jakarta Selatan


  1. Oh my God, this is so near from my office but I haven't visited it yet, and even I don't really know about this..

    Sebelumnya kalo yang deket-deket kantor pernah nyobainnya Padang, Oen Pao dim sum, and Sushi Miyabi itu.. ;)

    Well, kapan mau ke Sushi Miyabi? Bareng yuk! :)

  2. Aku kira soto kudus blok M ini terkenal bgt hampir semua org pernah kesana, trnyata ga terkenal2 amat haha

  3. Wah mahal juga ya seporsi sotonya :)



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