Sunday, 11 March 2012

Tin Pan Alley

Tin Pan Alley is restaurant, cafe and bar in central Jakarta. They served american bistro menu. Like another western resto, they served italian food like pasta, steak and the others. Tin Pan Alley located in the office, so it is a little bit fancy place, so make sure you dress up well.

This is my first time visited Tin Pan Alley, I have to find where they are belong, coz anz tower separated 2 tower. Then we came there, it is so little resto. What I imagine about Tin Pan Alley, they have large space, but they don't. Even they have small space it is not a big problem for this visit. I like the ambiance, so lovely and so old style. The waiter and waitress, dress up like suspender and fedora hat. 

 Old Style Mac n Cheese Rp.45,000,-

Aloha Burger Rp.59,000,-

 Ice Tea Rp.18,000,-
 Strawberry Field Rp.35,000,-

As long as it was my first visit, so I try the best menu that they have. I try a aloha burger and my friend Vina tried old style fashion mac and cheese. For beverage, I ordered ice tea and Vina try some kind of strawberry (I'm sorry I'm forgot). I like the burger, the meat have a lot of seasoning, the meat is full of taste, also the meat is really juicy inside. For the bun it is good too, it makes me remember gandy bun it is so soft and gently also they put salty butter when they grilled. For side dish, they served with fried fries, they mixed fried fries with chili powder and another seasoning. The fried fries is nice. Vina like her old style mac and cheese, they served well, with a lot of cheese on the top, but for the taste the mac and cheese need more salt and pepper. For the beverage I like Vina's drink, I can feel the fresh strawberry and the strawberry syrup. It is so fresh drink. 

For all the foods, beverages and service they served, I really want to back to try another food that try. It is worth to try

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Tin Pan Alley
Thamrin Nine Podium / UOB Lobby Level #f
Jl. Mh Thamrin No. 10 Jakarta
Tel : 021 - 30007881


  1. ahahahahha namanya strawberry field nez..

  2. oh oke hahaha, I'm totally forgot



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