Sunday, 25 March 2012

Churros Recipe From Odie Djamil

I was a big fans with Odie Djamil one of Chef Nation Founder. He was really good in cooking sweet things like  macaroon, cake, pudding, etc. If you don't know him you can follow his twitter @odiedjamil.

And couple days ago, he shared churros recipe. I am so excited so after he shared the recipe, I am going to make it. It is so easy, so you can make it without any preparation

So here it is the churros recipe by Chef Odie Djamil
250 ml Water
1/2 tsp Salt 
1 tbs Sugar 
40 gr Unsalted Butter
250 gr Wheat ( I use segitiga biru wheat )
1 Egg 
Oil for fried

For Garnish
Icing sugar 
Hersey Chocolate

How to make:
1. First boiled the water, butter, and put salt, sugar
2. Then turn off the heat, and get flour also stir well. 
3. Put the egg in, stir. 
4. Put the dough into triangle plastic and pipe above the pan, cooking with low heat.
5. Fried until yellow gold colour, it means your churros is well done.

Here's the result:

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